Jan Verwey Cool jazz on harmonica
Toots Thielemans: “Jan has his own, unique sound”

Jan Verwey

I am excited to welcome you to my new website. The sunset over Manhattan gives it an international look and feel. Manhattan, New York, the birthplace of jazz as I see it.
This photo also supports a point I want to make. We as jazz musicians should keep on playing jazz standards on stage and on our albums. It is this music that was especially composed for us back in the day. It is this music which thought and still teaches us how to play jazz in the first place.
Young musicians tend to forget this, determined as they are to create their own voice. This is understandable and I have the utmost respect for musicians such as Avishai Cohen, Mark Turner a.o. But it always surprises me the most when they suddenly play the hell out of an old standard in their own unique way.
Let us take the Americans as an example. They stay true to their roots, to their musical heritage. Like we Europeans are loyal to our classical masters like Bach and Beethoven.

Jan Verwey.

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